Students who are not in the process of graduation, want to do internship during the pandemic period and have the right to do internship can carry out their internship studies in accordance with the following rules. Maritime Faculty students and graduate students will make their internship applications in accordance with the procedures and principles announced for them.
• Students who do online internship can carry on theirinternships on the days they have their exams or take classes in summer school.
• It is mandatory that the internship application must be made at least fifteen days before the start of the internship.
• The internship application will be made by the student through the portal.
• In the online internship application, the Pandemic Process Student Internship Agreement signed by the student and Annex-1 Internship Document form, the official email containing the faculty approval, and the email containing the company approval should be added as one single pdf or jpeg file. In this process, online internship students will not fill in the Annex-2 and Annex-3 documents.
• For students who prefers face-to-face internships, the entire application process (forms and signature process) will proceed as usual.
• Companies wishing to benefit from the state contribution will fill in the Annex-4 document and send it to the Central Internship Unit in accordance with Article 10 of the internship contract.
• In this process, only compulsory internships will be allowed.
All the remaining items, except the items listed above, will be applied as specified in the ITU Internship General Principles.

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